Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Apple is already outdated. So the billionaire said the origin of the China and founder of technology company LeEco, Jia Yueting. DetikINET quoted from CNBC, Yueting also assess Apple is already losing momentum in China, its largest market so that digadang.

"One important reason slowed sales of the iPhone is Apple's innovations have become very slow. For example, Apple released the iPhone SE. From the perspective of the industry, it is a product with a very low technology level. We thought they were not supposed to do it, "said Yueting.

LeEco itself known with great online video service in China. But they also have a variety of products from smartphones, televisions, mountain bikes to electric vehicles. Yueting went back melontarkannya his criticism for Apple.

"Apple has only individual applications. This indeed is the right choice in the first generation of the mobile internet, mobile network and CPU when not fast enough, "said a man aged 43 years.

"But now we are moving on the next generation of mobile internet, where that issue is no longer there. Moreover, the separate application is a major obstacle in the user experience. We hope to resolve it, "added he.

As an industry leader, Yueting assess Apple should have developed more sophisticated products. the iPhone may still lead the 5 years ago but are now lagging behind.

"We believe the mobile internet of the future generation will be more open, more oriented to the ecosystem rather than closed. Ironically, Apple's dominance, lack of thinking they reserved the internet and a closed system, it's all inhibit innovation mobile internet industry, "pungkasnya.

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