Sunday, October 18, 2015

One of the typical features and superior of the line Sony Xperia is the resilience ofwater (waterproof). With it's features Japan manufacturer's smartphone users, is claimed need not protect mobile kala washed down the rain.
Similarly, when the user clicked the image want to in water (underwater). Does notneed additional accessories to protect your mobile phone. At least it did for Sonydigemborkan through iklan-iklannya.

However, Sony is suddenly urged users not using a cell phone to Xperia kala activitiesunder water. It is listed on the website of Sony Mobile.

"IP Rating on the device you guys generated from laboratory conditions with standby mode. So, do not use a mobile phone under the water, e.g. for the clicked image, "soit is written on the Sony site, as reported KompasTekno, Saturday (12/9/2015).

More specifically, Sony recommends its users to not use the Xperia when diving or snorkeling.

During this time, Sony owned IP68 certification relies on. Certification that ensures that Sony will be safe from the onslaught of water and dust. However, on the site, Sony said that such certification was obtained on special conditions at labortorium.

"Sony Devices that are tested for waterproof ability is placed in a container of waterwith a depth of below 1.5 meters," said Sony.

That is, the condition jolts pool water, when a lot of other people who swim andmove, Sony cannot guarantee the waterproof still works as good as pengetesannya.

Waterproof feature usage settings for more information, you can visit the Sonywebsite.

It seems that Sony wants to be more careful and prevent users from things that you don't want associated utilization of waterproof. Whereas, so far has not heard of serious complaints from users about water features the Xperia.

Prudence Sony on the site seems to be no effect on the displayed ads. The followingtwo examples of ads that showed Sony kemapanan and steadiness that device is tested under water.

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