Friday, September 18, 2015

A number of updates that brought IOS 9 has been revealed. But Apple's mobile operating system it was still save a myriad of new features are hidden.

Such a feature is actually very useful to further facilitate penggoperasian iDevice. Because it is a pity to say no detikINET describe, among others;

Shift On
Long press the shift key for a long time, to change the keyboard mode to the capital. If you want to come back, just press once on the shift key.

Desktop Site
Want to see the website to the desktop version? Press the Refresh icon on the upper right corner. Instantly appears at the bottom of the option Request Desktop Site.

Disable Shake To Undo
Plagued with features Shake to Undo? Relax, Apple now provides the option to disable it. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility.

Battery Usage Details
Want to know what applications are consuming more battery? IOS 9 provides a detailed look, how pretty Settings> Battery.

This feature allows us to add notes on the attached images in the email. How, attach a photo to the email. Then, long press on the photo, then you will see several options, select Markup. And make notes or graffiti desired.

Through Markup, we can also create a signature for appended to the email.

Save Attachments
To save an attachment in an email. Press the attachment, click Save Attachment option.

Confession PDF in Safari
If you want to save sebuatu website to PDF format. Tap the Share button at the bottom, and select Save PDF to iBooks.

Change Font in Safari
Bored with the look of the letters in the Reader View Safari, tap the icon in the upper right letter. There are several options that can be selected letters following color.

Multiple Photo
Want to select multiple photos at once? Choose Select, then press and hold while you swipe a finger to a number of photos to be selected. Guaranteed faster than selecting one by one.

Fast Music Access
When plugging headphones into iDevice, will instantly appear frequently used music applications on the bottom left.

WiFi Assist
Being in a place that has a WiFi connection is slow. iPhone provides WiFi Assist feature that automatically switches to a cellular connection when WiFi access ugly. How open Settings> Cellular, scroll to the bottom, change the WiFi asssist to On.
Unknown Number
IOS 9 will take information from the email to search for cell phone numbers. So when there is an unknown number. iPhone will look for information about the number and display it the possibility of who's calling.
Hiding Photos
Select the image you want to hide, then press the Share button in the top left corner, and then press the Hide option. Personal photo will be saved without the knowledge of others.
Apple provides a choice of new wallpapers.
Kostomisasi Asssitive Touch
We can now customize the menu at the Assistive Touch as needed. Carany tap Settings> General> Accessibillity> Assistive Touch> Costomize Top Level Menu.

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